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My name is Franciska, I'm a Hungarian born journalist and model based in London. 
I'm passionate about seeing the world, exploring cultures, expanding my mind, connecting with other earthlings and living life to the fullest.

Focusing on the mind, body and soul, 
I share my journey and experiences on this blog with the aim to show you the way to 
happy, healthy, wholesome lifestyle.

M Y  S T O R Y :

I believe we all deserve to break out of a flawed system and take control of our own lives...to live life by our own rules. Up until the age of 20, I let society dictate how I lived my life. I went through the education system and my teenage years being told each step of the way and not taking the time to think for myself, how it was that I wanted to live my life. 
By the time I reached graduation, I had worked my way up to a degree in journalism, had a strong interest in fashion, style and aesthetics and was working as the fashion editor of my University's magazine. I was on my way to becoming a successful version of this in the 'real' world yet I just wasn't looking forward to it. Something didn't feel right, I didn't feel content, my soul was unsatisfied...unhappy. 

The closer it came to the time of my graduation, the more pressure I felt to make plans, to find a job, to figure out what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be for the rest of my life (or at least that's what it felt like).

I sat on the train every evening after long days of lectures and work dulled by the amount of pressure and desperate to figure 'it' all out. I sat there, lifeless, feeling drained rather than excited from the idea of the unknown. It was one of these nights on the train that I decided to turn my pointless desperation into active decisions towards my future. 

I started doing things a little differently, a little unusually, unlike I have been doing them before. I attended career fairs, seeked the advice of my lecturers and stopped feeling sorry for myself every time I felt down and set out on a mission to stop myself from feeling this way.

I ditched typical Uni student expectations like nights out of aimless drinking to nights in with candles and my cat, researching online, looking for opportunities, looking for things that interested me and ignited something within. 

I started eating healthy foods instead of any junk that had 'little calories', realising that I only enjoyed comfort foods because I was stressed, whereas my body actually felt really good from nutritious meals. I eventually became vegan.

I started exercising - jumping around to a workout DVD in my room, then looking in the mirror to see the results and realise just how much better it made me look and feel. 

I swapped shopping between my lectures to sitting in the park under a tree, admiring the sun and nature around me...finding appreciation for the little things.

I felt calm, collected and able to breath again after such a long time. I was proud of all the things I created that made me feel good and empowered again. I started reclaiming my strength and my ability to think and make decisions for myself based on my needs, desires, passions, enjoyments and dreams.

The happier I felt from my new-found life interests and decisions, the more I started to know what I wanted. I craved the sunshine, the ocean, to be in nature. I craved to live life simply and effortlessly. No forced lectures, work and pressures, no dull train commutes, no more of living the life of stressed, overworked people. Just happiness and freedom.

It was during these months of what you could call a 'rebirth' or 'awakening' that I as at a career's fair where I found an internship in Barcelona, Spain for 3 months during the summer after graduation. I would work at a communication's agency in the heart of Barcelona 5 hours a day in exchange for accommodation. I would live in a central apartment with other interns from my University, all arranged by a company who would be there for support if needed. I mean, I didn't even speak any Spanish, of course support would be needed, but it didn't bother me, this opportunity was PERFECT. 

It offered all that I have asked for. And so I spent the upcoming couple of months working on my application for the internship, taking Spanish classes, writing my CV, researching about the company, the country, the city and the culture and in my spare time, daydreaming about what it will be like to live and work there. What the freedom, happiness and enjoyment will feel like. How the sun, sand and sea is going to feel on my skin, how I'm going to look and feel when visiting certain places I saw online. I imagined and daydreamed about all the little things and felt so happy and excited to be there.I was manifesting my dream. I was ready to receive this internship, I didn't even question rejection. I was ready for my daydreams to come true and I whole heartedly believed that I would experience them just as magically and amazingly as they played out in my head.

Needless to say, that's exactly what happened. I spent the summer in Spain, living the exact life I had asked for, having the exact, and even better experiences I had wished for. I met amazing people, I learnt a lot about the world and myself and lost myself in irresponsibility, freedom and childishness as much as possible. I found new passions and interests that felt so close to my heart, they felt so right. My daily life just felt so right and I was inspired and happy. I found myself.

This was the turning point for me, the point of no looking back and embracing the new person I had become, my true self and moving forward with this real self. It literally felt as if I had become a new person, something my friends and family would even say to me and still do. But the reality is, I didn't become a new person, I just stripped away the layers of my false identity that had built up over the years and allowed the real me, my true self to shine through and slowly begin to take over my life.

To explain the rest of my journey after this point would take a very long time, but in short, it is the journey that I have been on for the last 2 years and counting. A journey of being true to myself, taking care of myself, listening to my heart and turning inwards, allowing my intuition and authentic self to guide my thoughts and actions, to signal my needs and what I can do to feel my best and live everyday to the fullest. 

When you feel happy, healthy and fulfilled in yourself and about your own life, you want others to experience this feeling too. You want others to get there, to share your journey, connect with them and hear about theirs. It is in our human nature to want to gather together, share stories, help and empower eachother. 

And so that is exactly what my aim is to do here on my blog. This is my space where I aim to inspire, motivate and guide people who might feel stuck like I did, who are in need of a pick-up, who are searching for fulfillment and want a change in their lives, whether it's a small step towards a happier, healthier self or a complete transformation into a wholesome lifestyle.

I want to see everyone living from their heart, being true to themselves, everyone embracing their vulnerability and emotions, opening themselves up the world and feeling all the magic it has to offer and fill you with, when you allow it. 

My aim is therefore to inspire my readers, through my stories and articles, to live life to the fullest and experience as many enriching, enlightening and exhilarating things as possible. I want to encourage you to take control of your own life like I did and realise that you have the power and complete capability to make your dream world into your reality.

Topics include travel, health, mindfulness, self-love, minimalism, empowerment and personal growth.

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