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Sarinbuana Eco Lodge -food from the garden to your plate

"The fascination with nature is that it never runs out, it just changes forms." - a quote proven to be true by so many nature experiences, especially in Indonesia. From the mountainous jungle of Ubud to the wild blue waves of Uluwatu, seeing such earthy elements transform to ocean paradise amazed me on our journey.

Little did we know that the biggest and most surprising transformation of all was still awaiting us in the mountains of Tabanan. Sarinbuana Eco Lodge, spread out on a mountain top in a peaceful village lived by locals offer sustainable living, incredible activities and breath taking surroundings. One would think they've arrived in the paradise of their dreams, only to realise it gets better. 

The lodge have their own premature gardens which they utilise to create freshly made, organic and nutritious meals served at their restaurant on site, overlooking beautiful Balinese scenery. They've formed a family of charming staff from the local surrounding villages who maintain the gardens and harvest seasonal produce from which they create traditionally Balinese meals. Waking up in the morning, we picked our meals for the day from their menu, only to find that they staff went picking fresh ingredients from the grounds to then cook up into our meals for the day. 

Fuelled by delicious food and energised from the power of plants, we fell into a lasting state of happiness and gratitude upon the realisation that we were in our most special surroundings yet. We found ourselves in the care of a truly compassionate community that was far more special than an impressive resort with great food, due to their sustainable values and work with nature. I mean, what an enriching experience seeing nature change forms in such a way. To see tiny seeds in the ground grow into vibrant fruits, vegetables and herbs until they become ingredients used for feeding and nourishing our bodies with delicious & nutritious meals.

To first hand witness how the food we out into our bodies goes from nature to our plate has been a truly inspiring awakening to the fundamental importance of taking care of ourselves and our environment, equally and thoughtfully. Maintaining this beautiful synergy between nature and humans and making sustainable, conscious choices in which our Eco system can thrive is truly at the root of Sarinbuana Eco Lodge's actions. While they provide incredible indulgences from breakfast to dinner, their deeper intentions of spreading organic farming and sustainable living shine through all aspects of this beautiful lodge. 

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