Surat Thani, Thailand

Earthy experiences at Elephant Hills

Surrounded by nothing but nature, we spent the night at the Elephant Hills Rainforest Camp, sleeping in a tent floating on the Cheow Larn Lake. 

We woke up to the most beautiful arrangement of the clouds resting low in the tropical rainforest and the sun in its early hours leaving a pink pigment on the side of the cliffs. 

The hardwood tress, lined up in a row of green forest were filled with creatures creating beautiful singing sounds, welcoming us as we cannoned out onto the lake and into this dream like landscape. 

We watched the breath taking view reflect in the water and with every stroke of the paddle, it looked more and more like a postcard coming to life. Our senses became overwhelmed with beauty as we dedicated every moment to taking in our pure, untouched surroundings. 

Caught in and comforted by this beautiful experience, my mind was still, calm, present. The only wondering sensations came from a place of admiration and curiosity...admiration for this way of life and curiosity towards what it means to travel. 

What makes travelling so exciting to me? Why is it that I'm filled with so much happiness from travelling adventures? What does it mean, to travel? - I asked myself. Upon returning to our tent, I poured my thoughts on paper, at the time being unaware that they were answers to my questions. 

"To travel, is to experience a world unknown to you until now. To unlock new perspectives, new opportunities and open up your eyes to the world. To fall in love over and over again, to learn something new every day, to challenge yourself out of your comfort zone and become a better person with each encounter."

My favourite thing about the Elephant Hills experience was that it triggers so much humanity, compassion and emotion inside of you. It makes you feel happiness and gratitude for all the things you have been able to immerse yourself in, knowing that you're in a safe environment, cared for by a professional and knowledgeable team. 

From spending the afternoon with elephants in their natural habitat to hiking the untouched paths of the rainforest jungle and facing your fears in the deep caves of the mountains, authentic experiences are truly what travelling comes down to and there's no better place than Elephant Hills who stand by these values. 

They understand that travelling is not about what you buy, see or do, it's about your encounters and how they make you feel deep down. They understand that to travel, is to live your life to the fullest.

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