Souls, Death, Rebirth - The universe & its infinite energy

Rebirth...the death of our body yet remaining of our soul, eventually passing or being reborn in another being. Is it a religious myth or is it a scientific truth?

The truth of the matter is that there's so much pseudo science around this topic that it's very difficult to judge it without a bias towards society's existing perceptions engraved in our minds.

In general, the mainstream way of understanding ideas around rebirth is that it's a spiritual myth, probably created by hippies who want to make the world seem like a magical place. Discussions of the 'soul' or 'energies' passing around are often considered taboo topics and perceived as not 'serious' or 'relevant' enough to our modern lives and society. So how exactly do we create our own opinions and decisions about this topic? Well, it's safe to say most of us don't because we're simply not encouraged or challenged to do so.

With that in mind, today, I want to discuss ideas around rebirth, death, souls, energies and the universe in an open minded way, debating them with you as if this was the first time we have ever heard about them. I want to share my understanding of life with you which has helped me overcome my fear of death and realise that we're all a part of a bigger scheme - the universe and its infinite energy.

Let's think of it this way...who am I? Who are you!? What exactly makes us who we are? While it's common to believe that our bodies make us who we are, if you think about it enough, you'll
come to realise that we're far more than our bodies. When you describe yourself based solely on your appearance such as "blonde hair, blue eyes", that's only the outside and millions of other people have those features, so it really doesn't say anything about who you are. If you want to describe who you really are to others, you would talk about your identity...your personality, values and characteristics, right!?

So with that, our bodies are already just a minor part of us since they don't actually say much about who we are without our identities inside of them. In that sense, we can understand that our bodies are simply a house for our 'insides', being our identities. This helps to realise that our personal identities do not consist in bodily survival. Even when our brain stops functioning, our bodies get old and pass, the very core of our identities - our personality, values, characteristics remain since they don't age, they're not physical, nor created by the brain, they're just functioned by the brain.

This is the part where what we describe as souls and energies come into play. It's the idea, as demonstrated here, that there's a part of each of us that is not attached to our bodies or brain,
a part of us that lives on without the need for a body. Of course, without a body, they would not be recognised at all, they would simply be energies floating around us. So our physical bodies create a house for our souls and energy, in order for them to be heard, to hear and to experience. Yet as already mentioned, these bodies are temporary while our souls are infinite and not dependent on bodies.

We're all part of the same universe, the universe that is made up of an infinite amount of energy. That's not so hard to understand, that's science, right? Energies create atoms, their interactions and explosions which once created the big bang and lead to our existence. So if all of life, all of this was created by energy, then what is inside of us is also energy, right? And as discussed above, our energies are the core of us, they're what we call our 'souls' which are housed by the body. When the body passes, our souls and energy remain.

Now that we've come to this point, is it so hard to imagine and understand that once are bodies have passed, our souls go back to being energy and possibly result in being the energy inside of someone/something else in the future? In other words, is it so hard to imagine the rebirth of ourselves in someone/something else? Not at all, if you ask me. In fact, it makes perfect sense.

This, to me, is the detailed, deeper understanding of what was mentioned above - that our bodies are not all that we are. They're just temporary forms of existence for the energies of the earth and our universe. And in that case, 'I' as a singular being different to everybody else doesn't actually make sense. Our bodies might make us appear different to one another but the energy inside each us is the same, it's the energy of the universe - the energy that never dies.

This has helped me to understand that essentially, there is no such thing as death and I should not be scared if it. Before our bodies were created, there was energy and after our bodies pass, there will
be energy. So as scary and upsetting as it may seem at initial thought, we must accept that our bodies and lives are tiny events in the universe, and that the universe is all that there is and all that there ever will be.

We can't expect to live on forever and we must just appreciate the temporary time we have on earth and the bodies we are given through which we can express and experience the infinity of the universe that exists inside of us. We must just make the most of it and understand that when our time is up and our bodies pass, the energy inside of us will continue to live on inside other beings and things and this cycle will continue on forever. We must just be grateful to have been given the chance to be a part of it.

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