The ocean is my meditation

The ocean - My happy place. My balance. My energy. 

One recognisable thing about my personality is that it can be quite extreme. I celebrate hard work and being busy as much as I celebrate lazy days and giving into temptation. 
Whilst I embrace these extreme ends on occasions when necessary or feels right, I also recognise that it's important to find the balance between them in order to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Too much of either can have a damaging effect on the body and mind which I have first hand experienced in the past.
Whether it be sleepless nights from parties or sleepless nights from being too busy, the end result is a tired, exhausted body and mind and my energy drained.

During times like this, one of the best remedies I have discovered is going to the ocean. With my mind cluttered and my body tired, I just lay on the beach, let go and let life happen around me.

First, watching the sea, listening to the sound, smelling the salty air, breathing it in and out as the waves wash in and out. 

Then, taking in my surroundings. The sun, the sky, the palm trees, boats and coastal views. I cannot describe how much you can appreciate every little detail of your surroundings when your mind is calm, clear and you're fully present.  

Listening to soft music, feeling the sand between my fingers, watching the sunset and people around me, I feel my thoughts, emotions and body becoming more relaxed, letting go of negative thoughts and energy and replacing them with positive ones - finding balance. I feel myself fully in the moment, things become more vibrant and intense and I feel peaceful. No problem of the past or the future bothers me, I'm just enjoying living.

This experience, triggered by the beach and swimming in the sea is the most cleansing, refreshing and purest form of relaxation I have yet experienced. It is meditation that is self taught and discovered which makes it even more authentic to me than a taught or guided meditation. The power of the sea and my connection with it is truly one of my best memories of summer times. Because of this, the beach is something I treasure as my happy place, one that I want to be by as much as I can. 

If you're looking for meditation, relaxing, escape or therapy, find your happy place and do this there. I guarantee you'll feel energised and balanced after. 

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