My MOT models casting video

My casting video for MOT models is now live and ready to view as part of my portfolio on their website. The idea of this video was to give clients or those who may want to book me as a model an idea of my personality, something which I thought may interest those reading my blog, also. 

A video like this is a great idea to do for models and something that I believe really improves the way a person is viewed online since still images, especially once edited, just don't show a true reflection of someone. Videos, on the other hand, can give away a lot more about a person. Just by looking at the way they move, smile and their energy on camera can give you an idea of what they're like in 'reality'. 

This short video was filmed in London by Jacobus Synman. I travelled to Snap Studios in East London for the day; a bright and airy space that's all white with high ceiling windows and perfect lighting. Damn, I love studios. I would happily live in a place like this. 

The filming itself was really fun. I had my 'no make up' make up done, left my hair freshly washed and just moved around the studio to get some natural shots of me. We then went on the rooftop which had cool views over London and plenty of party potential. So choices are, I'm either going back to this place to make it my home or make a party there. 

Who's with me? ;)

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