You can't buy beauty - how eating makes you more beautiful

Beauty begins when you have a healthy relationship with yourself, both mentally and physically. I believe in order to look beautiful on the outside, one must primarily feel beautiful on the inside. Notice above, the two words present in the word 'beauty' are eat and buy. After some thought, I have come to realise that this cool coincidence makes a lot of sense and I would like to share my thoughts on it with you. Firstly, I will talk about how you can't buy into beauty and secondly, about how this links to living a healthy lifestyle which begins with eating. 

Beauty comes from within. Your physical body and the way you treat and dress it are purely ways of enhancing and expressing the beauty that lies within you. The sad part to this is that I feel as though much of our beauty in today's society is determined purely by our physical appearance and we are made to believe that in order to achieve beauty, we must buy into it. So we buy make up, countless clothes and constantly alter our bodies in order to look 'beautiful' yet even when we've achieved exactly the way we want to look, we still don't feel like it. We must therefore ask ourselves, is this is the authentic way to achieve a state of beauty?

Through experiment and experience I've come to realise it's not about look, it's about feel. I'm a firm believer that you can't buy into being beautiful (through these products), you have to achieve an inner state of feeling beautiful. I believe that one of the most effective ways of achieving this is through healthy and conscious eating. That's right, eating! Food and water are the one thing us humans need to survive, surely that makes them somewhat vital to our existence? Surely that means what we put inside our bodies have a vital importance to the way we look and feel? The whole "you are what you eat" mantra appears to make some sense afterall, no?

Nowadays, I believe we are uneducated about health and nutrition and as a result, many of us make unhealthy eating choices, often without even realising. Our bodies react to this because we are what we eat. We eat highly processed junk foods with low nutrition value and we become overweight and feel ugly. We make a change, begin dieting, restricting our food intake and we become skinny yet still feel ugly. We over eat, we under eat, we do everything to look beautiful, yet we just don't feel it. 

This is because we are being unhealthy and unfair to our bodies, not giving them what they need to thrive. Whether we eat a lot or a little of the same unhealthy foods, they're still the same unhealthy foods. Instead of recognising that our bad eating habits lead us to not feeling beautiful, we continue eating the same way and try to make up for it by altering our appearance with the products we buy and use. But of course, by not targeting the root of the cause, we are never going to achieve a change. 

By changing the thing that is causing us to feel this way in the first place, our eating, we can actually achieve the changes we're seeking when we buy and use all these products and we can make our bodies beautiful inside and out. Eating healthy and nutritious foods will nurture our bodies and give them the opportunity to be healthy and beautiful which, in return, will make us feel that way too.  

Start eating healthy today and you'll soon realise that you can make your body beautiful inside and out, achieving a state of feeling beautiful, not just looking beautiful.

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