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Vegan brunch at Cafe Kino, Stokes Croft

If youre from Bristol or know a little bit about the city, youll know that Stokes Croft is highly ranked amongst the cool places to-be for young Bristolians. Home to the street art of Banksy, its a colourful and creative area buzzing with quirky and interesting characters, be it day or night. Yet its not only the characters of the people youll be fascinated by upon a visit, its also the character of the area as youll find that its filled with tons of independent stores, cafes, bars and urban spaces. Each are unique and individual in their own way, far from the mainstream chain places that we are used to. 

Gloucester Road is the heart of Stokes Croft where youll find these cool and quirky places dotted along either side of the street until you reach the City Centre. Along this road is Café Kino, a vibrant non-profit vegan cafe-bar and community meeting place, with an ethical focus. If the description and focus of the place is not enough to impress you, youre guaranteed to be taken by its minimalistic interior and high ceiling glass windows looking right out to the buzzing street of Gloucester Road. 

Having passed this place so many times before in the car or on a bus, I always found myself spotting people sat in the windows, eating lunch, working on their laptop or simply watching life go by and I always envied them for the cool and casual way this place allowed them do that. It wasnt until a Friday morning not long ago that my sister and I finally decided to check the place out for ourselves and go there for a spot of brunch. Needless to say, I was excited that the fantasy of being one of these cool people sat in the window would finally be coming true. 

Upon arrival, we picked a table and went to the front of the café to order our food. They had traditional paper menus laid out on each table but I was more interested in the chalk boards hanging above the order desk, displaying their menu and daily specials. The theme of this handwritten, personal approach carried on throughout the café with other boards listing their ethics, food quotes and upcoming events at their community space located in the basement. Stylish, different and informative - I liked it. 

As we ordered from the menu, I was tempted by one of their vegan milkshakes made with fruit and vegan ice cream and my sister ordered a chai tea latte. The milkshake was delicious, creamy and the fact that it was vegan without animal milk in it made me feel naughty but nice. For food, I ordered the Classic Kino Bean Burger (cant go wrong with the classics right!?) and my sister ordered their Full Kino Breakfast as its served until 2pm (handy thing to note if youre ever after a late vegan hangover breakfast). 

The burger (pictured) was made out of beans, carrots, beetroot, oats, herbs and seeds and was served in a granary bap with vegan mayo, relish and salad. It was delicious, filling yet nutritious in some ways and full of flavour. Often vegetarian/vegan burgers get compared to meat burgers in order to rate their tastiness but I feel that a comparison would only ruin ones eating experience of this. It was enjoyable in its own unique way for all the right reasons, being that it was ethical, handmade, vegan, local and organic. 

Overall, a great morning spent at Café Kino, one that I would recommend you to do after me if you find yourself in Stokes Croft. Follow with a tour of Banksys graffiti (pictured) and a look around Gloucester Roads vintage, antique and charity shops for a cool, unique way to see the best of Bristol.


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