Published in Coco Indie magazine & why I enjoy modelling

Whilst living in Barcelona over the summer, I signed with a modelling agency named Berta Models and got the opportunity to attend castings and photo shoots in the beautiful city. Having worked as a model in England for several years now aside my studies, I was familiar with the ropes of modelling but little did I know that a change in country and environment would provide such a different and fun modelling experience.

This is a shoot I got to take part in which has recently been published and printed in a magazine named Coco Indie, sold in the USA. The beauty of the shoot was the effortless and creative way in which a photographer, a stylist, a make-up artist and a model (myself) came together one summer afternoon in Park de la Ciutadella to shoot some images. Halfway through the shoot, I caught myself examining the situation. 

There I was, standing in this amazingly beautiful park with the famous Arc De Triomf just around the corner, having pictures taken of me, working with 3 talented young girls. Makiyo the photographer was from Singapore, Andrea the stylist was from Colombia and Alicia the make-up artist was from Spain. Then there was me, the model, from Hungary. That's 4 girls, 4 different countries, 4 different cultures, yet 1 project, 1 mind. 

Through this project, we were brought together for a short period of time where we went from strangers from around the world to like-minded girls doing what we're good at, creating something special by tapping into the things we're passionate about. The idea of this is and how cool it is was what made me really enjoy myself.

It's funny because I experienced and perceived the photo shoot in this way, yet the images may show none of this to others. Because of this, it can be difficult to understand why I enjoy and do modelling. People see nice images, they imagine nice things about it, nothing less, nothing more. Yet for me, it's not so much about the images, it's about what goes on behind them - cool, interesting and 'different' experiences, opportunities and outcomes. 

Did I see this coming...did I imagine that this would happen to me or that this would be the outcome of the shoot? The answer is, no. And that's the fun side to modelling and the part that I enjoy the most. Even when you sign up to be model, you don't quite know what you're signing up for. Every 'job' is different, every shoot is creative, free and crazy in its' own way. 

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to shoot these images in beautiful Barcelona and for them to now be seen by people across the other side of the world, in the USA, where the magazine is sold. These images are outcomes and reminders of a fun experience I had with great strangers that I met :)


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