Graduation - The start of a new chapter

The receiving or conferring of an academic degree or diploma.

My definition:  
Entering the 'big world' after University, chasing my goals and dreams, making big things happen.

An end, a beginning, a change, a turning point in your life. So many emotions and feelings going through your head during this day. Graduation is a truly special event if you think about it, it's a time to reflect on your time at university and really bring those emotions and feelings to the surface. What makes it most special is not the event and arrangements around it, as nice as they are, it's the fact that this event creates a time for you to reflect on several years of your life and say goodbye to them. Wouldn't it be nice if all chapters of your life were as formally and nicely arranged for you as this.

As I sit there in a fancy ceremony hall at this occasion I've been invited to and looking forward to for months in THE famous graduation robe that is about to endure 143 selfies...I can't help but think that this is nice, but let's be's just people dressed like Harry Potter at an overly formal occasion where you feel slightly out of place and constantly look to your peers to see how they're coping with having to pretend like we're about to become adults.

Acknowledging these awkward facts, I begin to shake them off and feel more comfortable in my environment. My thoughts and emotions become more quiet, I begin to listen to the speech being given and tune into the vibes of the ceremony. I realise that as foreign as this all looks and feels on the outside, what's being said is actually rather personal and an inspirational message for all of us to take away from this. A fellow student, now with a successful career in the field of my studies, journalism, talks us through her life between graduation, the exact point that we're at now, and the present, in which she's working her dream job. She talks about the positive aspects of the job and the reward for hard work which reminds me of why I chose to study journalism in the first place and appears to give a reassuring guidance to those thinking WHAT NOW?

After this comes the part where we all individually receive our praise and walk up on stage. With all honesty, I will admit that this moment becomes dull after you and your friends have had your turns and you quickly find yourself falling into boredom, spending this time questioning the shoe choices of all the girls walking up on stage. This is all made up for by the big Congratulations though, the moment when you're all officially 'blessed' as graduates and the whole room claps. I stand there thinking back at all the hard work, late nights and dreaded lectures on one hand and all the freshers fun, nights out and questionable life decisions on the other hand. I genuinely feel a wave of relief rush through my body and I feel good. In this moment, I let go of all the bad, turn all the good into memories and I stand with nothing left but my whole future ahead of me. Aaaaaah!

What comes after this is inspiring, moving and gives me the shivers when I think about it. The big world is either scary and you feel lost or you just feel like the world is yours, let's dive straight in and make big things happen. Well for me, the latter applies and I fully intend to make the most of everything about to come. As an adult, university graduate, I begin a new stage in my life and I feel that there are 2 right things to be doing at this point.

1) Making my dreams come true and 2) as a journalist, documenting them along the way. 

And that is exactly what I'll be doing and what this blog is dedicated to. Starting with Barcelona, Spain, expect adventures, events, deep thoughts, tons of photos and a little online diary of my life.

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