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Beds, Bar & Boogie at the Bunkhouse


Visiting a new city or just simply exploring the one you live is arguably a vital part of our lives and our knowledge of our environments whilst the urge to travel and explore is within many of us, I'm sure. I love nothing more than exploring new places and searching for fun experiences in my spare time, it's always exciting to try out something new! 

In Cardiff, the city that I study in, my current favourite spot has to be Cardiff Bay (I have written a blog post about my visit there which you can read here). However, the City Centre comes close to first with the endless amount of entertainment and cool places it has to offer! Take a look at the Cardiff city guide online to get a glimpse into the Welsh big city life.

Amongst the city's many quirky, archaic and individual locations is a place named Bunkhouse, situated on St Mary street. With no big signs or banners by it's entrance, it's almost easy to dismiss the place but once noticed, it sure is hard not to be intrigued by the cool tag line "beds, bar, boogie". 
What appears to be a bar, maybe a small night club from the outside is in fact a hostel, as implied by the name. 

Walking in, you're welcomed by a warm and fuzzy atmopsphere with Mediterranean style decorations including lanterns, fairy lights, comfy sofas and actual beds to sit on! Their afternoon tea and biscuits are served in the most adorable vintage tea set and they also have a selection of fruit beers and other refreshments. Their signature 'super hot chocolate' made with Nutella and toastie marshies make the place and its' menu a truly heart (and body) warming experience and spark up cold, rainy days in an instant! 

It only gets better in the night where they have frequent live music and lively bar staff transforming the place into the perfect pre-drinking avenue before a night out. A selection of drinks from shots to cocktails can be ordered from the bar to get the night started in style. 

The rooms only cost £15 for a night's stay so unlike many other hotels, a stay at the Bunkhouse shouldn't be a budget breaker. Overall, it's the ideal location to stay as it's cheap, cheerful and is the only hostel in the heart of Cardiff, where the rest of the city is just at your doorstep. 

Take a look at their website, naturally it's as cool and stylish as the place itself. Not only does it have information about them, it also has a "Things to do & see" section where the staff at Bunkhouse recomend places to visit around town. More awesome places to explore!? Yes please!

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