London, UK

You are Beautiful

As I walked through the buzzing streets of London among busy and downbeat people rushing to get to their 9-5 jobs, I came out of the underground to find this guy stood on a curb holding a sign that reads 'you are beautiful'. 

An instant smile ran across my face, not only because of the message on the sign but also because his actions took me by pleasant surprise and made me think a little...what was he getting out of standing there all day long holding this sign? Nothing if you ask me, even if people gave him money for it, the positive message he was spreading was worth it and something to be appreciated.

People function around materialistic matters, money and twisted values nowadays so it was refreshing to see someone who appeared to be free from those pressures and actively did something nice for another person rather than himself.

Whether it be the message on his board or the pure and positive values he represented, it made me realise how important it is for people to take a break from their hectic lifestyles and feel good about themselves.

Even if it's just for as long as realising that they are beautiful!

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