Cardiff, UK

The best of Wales' capital: Mermaid Quay & The Bay

Moving back to Cardiff after a summer break meant revisiting some of its' beautiful sights including Cardiff Bay. A lovely family meal on a quiet Sunday evening at the waterfront was the perfect way to say goodbye to summer as well as my family and begin swinging back into my uni lifestyle. 

The Bay is a beautiful attraction day and night providing entertainment for families as well as friends from boat rides to cafes and bars.

These pictures were taken at Mermaid Quay, the ideal place to visit if you're feeling a nice meal at a familiar restaurant but with a pretty view. Being there whilst the sun was setting added extra beauty to the images that I took. 

Whilst I wouldn't call myself much of a photographer, I definitely enjoy taking photos of pretty places and sharing them. Taking picture from a certain angle or of a certain detail is a way of altering things and places to the way I want them to look and presenting it to people that way.

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