Summer Photo Diary

It's been a long, hot summer of fun, friends, adventures and of course, Instagramming along the way. My arty new habit of capturing every other thing I come across and perfecting them with a pretty filter is a fascinating way of sharing my experiences with the world of social media and one that I have decided to extend even further into a blog.

Kicking things off is a photo diary of my Instagram images above showing snippets of my adventures throughout the summer. Whilst most of the photos look as though I am on holiday appreciating the cute little houses and sunny weather of a foreign country, I can assure you that they were all taken in sunny England.

We all know that Cornwall, Devon and their beaches are beautiful sights in the summer. Yet when you're living in the city, it's likely that you're like me and only get to breathe the Cornish air for a small period of time until you're back in the less tropical, urban jungle. Luckily though, this summer has consisted of finding the perfect city spots and hidden holiday gems within the city that allowed me to feel the holiday vibes regardless of my location.

The adorable city of Cheltenham in particular was one of my favourite destinations to go on hot, sunny days. With its' pretty buildings, housing architecture and popular outdoor swimming pool - the Sandford Parks Lido, the city comes to life as a holiday destination in the summer season and makes for the perfect place to visit and soak up the summer sun.

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